No, we provide each customer to our bin-go service a bin free of charge.

No, we do not have a collection fee. We collect the bins and swap them out free of charge.

The prices we pay are constantly changing due to the price of copper changing daily. We make sure our prices are kept in line with this and we ensure that you are paid competitive rates for your cable. 

Yes, you can arrange an appointment for you to come to our facility and drop your cable off.

Yes, our one-off collection service includes an arrangement for us to collect or you to drop off you cable as a one-off. We do not provide a bin for this service.

We accept all cables with a copper or aluminium core. We will then categorise this and pay you the according rates. An example of cable we do not accept is fibre optic.

No, we accept lots of different scrap metal. We will take any: copper, brass, steel, aluminium and more. Contact us to find out more.

We cannot put an exact time on it, but as soon as we pick up the bin it is sorted and weighed and then the information is sent to our office team to process the payment. 

We can collect your bin as soon as it’s ready, whether this takes 1 week or 6 months. Please allow more time for us to collect if you are further away as we tie these in with our other collections. 

Yes we do accept scrap from non-businesses. In order to set this up just contact us and let us know how much you have and what it consists of and we’ll arrange a collection.